#Good Behaviour!

Why I wrote Good Behavior poem!

I was invited by a headmistress of one of my local schools to do poetry reading because most of my poems were children-friendly. I did the session and the children enjoyed it because I got them to write their own poems on the same topic. As I was leaving the school, one of the class teachers came running behind me, saying, please , please write a poem on Good Behavior, on the bus home. I wrote this poem. I went back to the school and got the children to form a circle, and each child read their line of the poem and explained what their written line meant to them. Because the poem was written using letters from the alphabet.

Good Behaviour

G… is for being of good character

O… is for being Obedient

O… is for knowledge you will Obtain

D… is for Discipline with love

B... is for Believing in you

E… is for a good Education

H… is for the Happy child you will become

A… is for the right Attitude

V… is for the Vision of success

I… is for no more Idleness

O… is for your Open mind

U… is for Unity

R… is for Respect shared one for another.

Hope Roberts

All Rights Reserved