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Retirement Plans Blog:

While You Live:

This twenty-first century has brought a myriad of circumstances into our lives which compel us to make wise decisions and plans while we live our lives. Because unexpected incidences can occur at any age, it is imperative that we are prepared as adults, especially if we have children.

Planning and preparing for the future must be done with as much passion and details as one would have when planning a vacation or your life journey.

Finances Planning:

You must give your retirement plan, for example, you may want to real numbers.

For example, you may want to retire at 55 or 67 years old, according to your circumstances.

You can have a 5 or 10 year plan which works for you. For example, decide if you want to be mortgage-free, get rid of debts, this will simplify your finances. This will help you to create a retirement budget and add more contributions to your savings. Estimate how much money you need to retire. You can even get the help of a finance advisor.. Please be aware of investment scam.

It is so sad to see on television how many elderly people are losing their entire retirement savings to scammers.

Emergency Box files:

You must create an emergency document box with all your with your life journey plans and information in it. Please make a will and power of attorney plan when you are young enough and healthy. Some people are scared to do this because they think it is a bad omen.

smooth and peaceful

Finding Something To Do:

Retirement increases the probability of depression by 40 %. Some people may find retirement depressing others may find retirement to be the best years of their lives. You must have something to do. Make a buck list. For example, be a volunteer, write blog, become a writer or poet, join a cooking class, yoga class, art class, walking group, swimming group, holiday group. Seek out more areas you can develop as you take on this new journey of your life.

Educate Yourself

Some people decide to start a new career, like doing a degree in a subject they love or doing courses like flower arranging, cooking, sewing; they may also do workshop on what they has a job.

Leisure Time:

Leisure is very important. When you retire, you must find time to mix with others like going out for meals, day trips, going to the theater and other activities, especially if you live alone. Loneliness is an old person's disease, especially if you do not mix well with others. This week I read about a 61 year-old medical secretary in the mail who was dead for 2 years in her high rise flat before they found her. She was from South Africa, had no q or relatives in this country. This happens all the time; to many retired people., the live alone and die alone. So please be aware of your elderly neighbors and remember to befriend them if you can or be aware that they live alone.

I hope my blog will help all people to be aware of their elderly neighbors and be a friend to them.

Hope Roberts

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