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#Teach Me

This book of poems is to encourage children

from 5 to 10 years old to be kind, loving, caring

and sharing. It also teaches children to learn the

right rules of life for togetherness.

I published this book on Vistaprint and is

now getting copies printed.

Self- Esteem

Be proud of yourself

Be positive in everything you do,

Be consistent

Love yourself and others

See vision of success only,

Respect yourself and others

Inferiority complex reject!

You are a winner!

let no-one steal your dreams.

Hope Roberts

All rights Reserved


Bullying is an aggression It causes distress, suffering and pain, It is a game practiced in many Schools, Practise sharing and togetherness like the kids above.


Always attack,

The weak, timid, intelligent and the lame, They can be physical, verbal and

emotional. Bullies need to obey the golden rules To love one another at School.

Bullies! You need love and friendship. Rules and boundaries in your lives, at home and in school, Teachers and parents communicate, love, support and guide these children before it is too late

Hope Roberts

All Rights Reserved


You are not a brown child

But a proud child,

You are not a black child

But a gifted child,

You are not a white child

But a creative child,

You are not a yellow child

But a chosen child,

You are special!

You are a unique child of the


Hope Roberts

All rights Reserved

Forever Friends

I will not pinch you I will not bite you, I will not punch you I will not kick you; I will not call you names I will not fight with you.

I will smile with you I will play with you, I will share with you I will be kind to you; I will love you I will be your forever friend.

Hope Roberts

All Rights Reserved


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