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#You are what you eat!


In 2014 my pancreas stopped working properly and I became a pre-diabetes person because my HBA1C was 50. I began to panic and decided to take drastic actions.

Lifestyle changes:

I began drinking first thing in the morning, 3 small glasses of water. I then had breakfast after 30 minutes. I then had a glass of water before my snack, which was a fruit of my choice. Before my lunch I had a glass of water. I also juiced my green vegetables. My lunch was lots of vegetables, a small amount of carbohydrates and protein. For snack I have small slices of fruit or one small fruit of my choice. I had one glass of water before supper. I then had lots of vegetables and

a small portion of protein and carbohydrates. I tried to eat small but often,

For example, every three hours.

I went for walks. I cut down on sweet things and stopped having sugar. I tried honey but it increased my blood sugar. I prayed that my HBA1C would be normal when I did my next blood test. I check my blood pressure and blood sugar once a month. I lost 5 kilograms in weight by just changing how I eat. Result:

Being a practice nurse, I did research and wrote a book on foods for diabetes. Myself, and another friend used the foods and advice in my book and our HBA1C went back to normal. Her HBA1C was 46; my HBA1C was 45. This meant that our pancreas were working normally and our insulin level was back to normal. I was so happy that I just wanted to share this.

Food, exercise and prayers worked for myself and my friend, so please try it .

I heard about someone recently with an HBA1C of 106. The person was given advice to take his tablets , change his diet and fast, because uncontrolled diabetes destroys the major organs in the body.

This might not work for everyone, but there is no harm in trying.

Remember, your health is your wealth

You can buy my book on Amazon: Foods for Diabetes by Hope Roberts

Hope Roberts

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