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Why I wrote this poem:

I wrote this poem to explain in a simple way what is diabetes, how to do your own checks, and how to prevent and manage this disease with healthy foods and healthy lifestyle to my patients in my diabetic clinics when I worked as a practice nurse. I am now retired.


What is Diabetes? It is when the pancreas get lazy or packed up, causing.

Sweetened blood.

Sweetened urine.

Acquired thirst.

Sweetened body. This is when health problems begin. You begin to feel unwell.

Your body begins to rebel.

Because! 0f changes in its function. The body cries out for help! A healthy diet, no sugar More exercise. Take your tablets, Take your insulin. Check your eyes.

Check your blood sugar Help the body to feel healthy again. Medical advice is a must! A new lifestyle begins. Your diabetic team,

you must trust. For support and guidance without a fuss. Hope Roberts ©


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