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#Diabetic Day: 14th November 2022

How To Do A Quick And Easy Diabetes Check:

This is the : Urinalysis Glucose Diabetes Test Strips:

High Risk Factors:

Today is Diabetic day :

I just want to share with you how to check and prevent this health problem, especially if you are from the: South Asian groups (Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi) Black African or African Caribbean background because, you are more likely to get diabetes. You can also get it in old age and do not know you have it. Research has shown recently that more people under 40 years old and children are getting diabetes because of obesity, diet and lifestyle.

I Would Like To Share With You A Quick and Easy Way To Check for Diabetes: You can buy a urinalysis glucose diabetes test strip from your local chemist, amazon or eBay.

Dip the test strip in a sample of your urine first thing in the morning. If your urine strip symbol turns (brown) you must book an urgent blood test with your doctor, because your blood glucose is very high, and you need diet advice and lifestyle changes.

If your urine test strip symbol turns (Green) you must book an urgent blood test with your doctor because, you need new diet and lifestyle changes to control your blood sugar level.

Remember to do this test on children and the elderly as well, because

some children and people age (70,80 and 90-year-old) are at risk. You can do a routine yearly check on yourself and family.

Remember! Health is Wealth.

Hope Roberts

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