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#Health Awareness for 50+

Health Awareness for 50+ Check List:


* Urine

* Weight Control

* Blood Test

* Eyes Check * Blood Pressure

* PSA Check

Doing a yearly health check, especially for the 50+, will pick up many hidden medical problems and health risks that can be dealt with promptly. Having a health check is also a time to examine your lifestyle and see what improvement you can make.

For Example:

*Routine urine checks pick up Diabetes, Kidney Problems and other hidden health problems

* Being obese can lead to health problems such as: Hight Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol,

Diabetes and other health problems.

*Taking care of your eyes is often ignored, resulting in people losing their sight and needing

glasses. By doing a yearly eyes check you can discover hidden eye conditions such as. Retinal Detachment, Glaucoma, Cataracts and Muscular Dengeneration.

*High blood pressure is a risk factor for stroke and heart attacks.

*Routine blood tests reveal so many hidden health problems. High Cholesterole level, Diabetes, Anemia, Low B12 and Vitamin D levels which can cause major health problems in your body

especially for the 50+.

*Please remember when checking your blood to ask your doctor to check your B12 and Vitamin D level.

*For example low B12 level can cause : Anemia, Mood Swings, Dizziness, Depression, Heart palpitations, Pin and Needles, Breathlessness, Decline Memory and Numbness. These are only some of the health problems.

*For example low Vitamin D level can cause::High Blood Pressure, Osteoporosis, Muscule Pain, Fatigue, Poor Mental Function, Weak Immune System. These are only some of the health


*So if you are feeling unwell with any of these symptoms , please visit your doctor for your routine health checks.

* Three things you must do daily if you can.

* Drink a small glass of water as you get out of bed and one glass before each meal. or snacks to keep your body hydrated, lack of water can make you ill.

*Do some form of exercise, daily, walking, climbing stairs, swimming or dancing, and any other activity you enjoy.

* Use your brain daily by reading, playing games, puzzles and doing, what you love to do use any activity that will keep your brain busy active and happy.

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