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#My Name Is Mango: I Am A Tropical Fruits

My Name Is Mango!

I am a tropical fruit, I was first grown in India, and I was then distributed across the world to many tropical countries. I only grow in frost-free climate. My trees can grow up to 65 feet; my leaves are dark green above and pale below, usually red while young. My flowers are yellowish or reddish, it respires a volatile substance that can cause allergic and respiratory problem for some people, and my pollinators are flies and hoverflies, rarely bees. Some of my flowers do not produce pollen and are incapable of producing fruits.

I grow on a long stem and sometimes, two or more fruits can be found on one stem. I am 5 to cm long and about 4 to 10 cm in width; my shape is sometime oval or round. My weight ranges from 150 grams to 750 grams. My leathery skin is waxy and smooth, when ripe, golden, yellow, orange or red, unriped my skin is green. My flesh is peach like and juicy, with fibres radiating from the husk of my large kidney shaped seed. I taste sweet with a mild tartness. I am rich in dietary fibre, vitamins, mineral, potassium, flavonoid, antioxidant compounds. According to medical research, I can protect the body against:

Colon, breast, Leukaemia, and prostate cancers. My vitamin a, beta -carotene helps to protect the body from lung and oral cavity cancers. I am rich in potassium which helps to control the heart rates and blood pressure. I am rich in vitamin B6 and vitamin C, which help the body to develop resistance against infectious agents and protects the brains. It also controls homogeneity level in the blood that can harm the blood vessels and cause CAD and stroke.

I am a seasonal fruit. You can curry me, juice me, eat me with ice-cream and make me into milk shake and fruit salad. You can also pickle me when I am green. Please test me for allergic reaction when eating me for the very first time. You can have allergic reaction to me, for example, itching of the mouth, lips and the tip of the tongue, respiratory difficulty, vomiting and diarrhoea. Please try me if can keep I can keep you healthy. Hope Roberts All Rights reserved


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