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#Proper planning brings better results

The long summer school holidays are here and it can be parents biggest nightmare' especially if the children are very young and both parents are working.

This period should be well planned.

So, mums or dads, you should plan a summer holiday program to keep your children happy and motivated. Do it as a group activity with mothers and fathers in your community in the same position. Helping the mothers and fathers who are working and sharing the expenses.

The children will enjoy visits to the zoo. Museums, Madam Tussaud's, the Tower of London, a bus tower around London, and visiting other famous and important places.

They will gain, pleasure, knowledge and historical information from their visits.

You can also check in with your local library or community. for any play schemes, holiday clubs, summer clubs and homework clubs. Try to fit your child into clubs they

will enjoy most. They can also can also attend reading classes in their local library and join interesting schemes that are organized.

There are new associations run by professional people which started up after the pandemic, that will be running summer schools which your children can attend.

you may have to pay a small fee, check with your borough for details.

You can even organize a writer's and poet's club for your children who enjoy reading and writing stories and poems. You can even do a competition with prizes which will give the children a challenge and motivation to do well.

You can also take your children to the local leisure centers, for example, because they organize lots of enjoyable activities for children during their long summer holidays.

.The wizzkids courses consist courses consist of Judo, swimming, table tennis, party animals, squash, martial arts, climbing, hockey, badminton, basketball, trampling and many other sports that your children will enjoy.

There it is also the cinema club which is coming back on Saturdays. Please try to plan a family holiday with your children in the last week if you can. The togetherness will make your children feel loved. It will be one of the things your children will write about on their return to school. Childre get bored very easily when they have nothing constructive to do.

So you have to get them involved in projects they will enjoy doing on their long school holidays.

Long school holidays can be very enjoyable if they are well planned. Don't let your

Child becomes a video and television junkie during their holidays. If you do not have clubs in your area, you must organize and create your own clubs in your community.

With older children they are able to plan their holidays with their parents and friends.

But the world is not such a nice place anymore, and everyone needs to be supervised from danger regardless of age. So mums and dads and boroughs please continue to create safe summer holidays clubs in all areas so that children can enjoy their long summer holidays and have lots of fun in safety.

We know that in some cases both parents have to go to work and it may not be possible to spen the entire school holidays with their children. Havind said that, there can be no excuse whatsoever that would prevent any caring parent or guardian from planning activities that will certainly stimulate the growth and learning development of their children.

So mums and dads out there, stop whingering about your sons and daughters being a nuisance. It is up to you to channel their hyper-energy into something that will boost their confidence and raise their intellect, at the very least if you really love and care for your children then you owe it to them to do the right thing.

Hope Roberts

All Rights Reserved


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