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#Plants That Changed My Home and My life!!

Did you know that special plants can heal your home and your Life!!

I have been suffering from ill healthy for awhile and could not sleep without medication. I am on the mend now and is enjoying my new home which is alive with these plants in every room and they made a big difference to my home and my life. So I decided to share this experience because I know that so many are people having sleeping problems.

So please try these plants in your home especially your bedrooms.

All these plans are air -purifier

This plant is called mother- in-law's tongue or snake plant. It removes airbone chemical, a natural air -purifier and reduces indoor pollutions. This plant was one of NASA space eqipment, it also reduces C02in the night,

helping you to enjoy a good night sleep.

This is a lavender plants allows you to relax and enjoy a good night sleep, it also helps to lower your blood pressure and stress level as your sleep.

Aloe Vera plants release oxygen at nights , which helps to improve your breaathing patterns and let you enjoy a good night sleep.

Please be aware of allergies, and please remember to always was your hannds after dealing with these plants.

"Remember Health is Wealth"

Hope Roberts All Rights Reserved


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