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Taking Care of Your Future:

Here I am reading : Taking Care of Your Future!! at a function:

I will share with you why I wrote this book, because every one of my manuals has a story.

My name is Hope Roberts. I am a retired practice nurse, writer and poet. I am very passionate about healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. I wrote several food manuals which I used in my clinic as a practice nurse to encourage them to practice a healthy lifestyle.

I do zoom workshops for some groups when asked, I enjoy blogging and sharing health awareness and interactions. healthy lifestyle to others.

In my blog I will share foods and lifestyle information from my manual and will tell you why I wrote manual.

For Example : Taking Care of your Future. Manual!!

A close elderly family friend was very sick and went to live with his son, then into a nursing home.. But after one year he died. He did not have any emergency funds or information that could help the son; only a small 30 years insurance policy. Which could not pay for his nursing home care and house that did worth much.

The son and his wife had to had to use their credit cards to pay off his debts, repair his house before sale, and bury him. It was so sad. At the funeral a still small voice said to me you must write.

A Preparation Manual for your life for adults, which I refused to do.

Then something strange began to happen in my clinics. Six of my patients asked me for help and what to do when their loved ones died. Because they did not know what to do or where to go for help. So I gave in, did some research, and wrote this book. It has helped so many people to create an emergency file box regardless of age.

This is a book for everyone!!

In this book I show how diligent preparation is the key to a successful carefree life. Planning for your future involves making plans as you journey through life and for retirement, burial and family legacy.

This book shows how failing to plan can possibly cause disruption in the family, but by careful planning and preparing, our transition from one phase of life to the other is smooth and peaceful.

This book is on Amazon, com

Hope Roberts

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